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Gary started playing guitar at the age of 7 in Muncie, Indiana.  In 1967, his family moved to Southern California.  Pursuing his call to the ministry, he left to attend Western Apostolic Bible College (now Christian Life College) in Stockton, CA  where he met his wife, Anita.  They were married in 1976 in Bakersfield, CA and returned to the San Diego area to become full time assistant pastor to Rev. Arthur Hodges, Jr. in National City.  


Gary and Anita began a full time evangelistic ministry in 1977.  They held revival meetings in Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California.  During that time, they recorded three projects of all original songs.  These included “Just Inside the Gate” and “I’m So Thankful Jesus.”  In 1979, the duet  became a trio when their daughter, Crystal, was born.  Then the trio became a quartet in the fall of 1983 when their son, Philip, arrived.


In March of 1984, Gary responded to the call and become a Pastor near Sacramento, CA in the suburb of Orangevale.  That same month, he was invited to become manager of KYCC christian radio in Stockton.  He remains involved in this ministry today as a broadcaster and production consultant.  Learn more at  In 1984, he also started receiving invitations to entertain at church banquets for Christmas and other special occasions.  The word spread, and soon he was being asked to do banquets and concerts on a regular basis.  Along with Anita, they have also conducted many marriage retreats throughout Oregon and California.


Over the years, Gary has continued to write songs.  Many of them have been recorded by various gospel artists, including The New Kingdom Heirs, Dana McMahon, The Libbys, The Christian Life Center Mass Choir and of course, his sister, Karen Harding.  Most well known are the songs, Classical Pentecostal, The Road is Rocky, and All Night Long.


Gary has recorded 4 comedy projects and has written and produced a host of parody songs.  In 2012, he released the first CD of his instrumental guitar series called Rest by the Shore.  It has been featured on  He continues to inspire and encourage young, aspiring guitar players.  One of his most recent efforts is the “Kid’s” project he recorded with 3 of his grandsons titled: God’s Little Cowboys… Gary Harding and the Prairie Dogs.  It features a cowboy campout for children complete with all original songs and conversation around the camp fire.


You can purchase Gary’s CD’s for download at

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